Hello People!!!

     Hello people! My name is Neko Nastumi! I am here to talk about all things kawaii! I am a young girl that loves all things kawaii and lolita. Also I am awful at writing so that is why my editor is really good at what she does! This is how our conversation usally goes…

Editor: Natsumi… Can you please put in a little more effort?

Neko Natsumi: But why??? I think it looks fine! 

Editor: Because you want this to be a great blog! Plus you don’t even use right grammar anyways… 

Natsumi: Nuh-uh! I use correct grammar all the time for your information!!

Editor: Really?

Natsumi: Well, sometimes! M-most of the time!

Editor: Wellps, moving on…-

Natsumi: Oh! Oh! Incorrect grammar!!!

Editor: Those are just my weird speech quirks. Anyways, I’m Neko Natsumi’s editor, I’m guessing I’ll constantly be referred to as Editor.


Editor: It’s just going to be a quick introduction! I’m actually Natsumi’s sister. (Older sister) I guess you can refer to me as Rui or Editor. 

Natsumi: Rui?

Editor: You have a pen name too!

Natsumi: I guess you’re right…

Editor: Anyways, I hope that you’ll like my sister’s blog and continue to support her!

Natsumi: Yes please!

Editor: Arigato! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
                                        -Neko Natsumi + Editor-San


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