My Lolita Dress Fund Challenge

     Hey guys! It’s Neko Natsumi! I’m here to tell you all about a challenge I’ve just accepted. Editor-San, (my older sister) has just given me a challenge. I’ve decided to call it, My Lolita Dress Fund Challenge! 

     Editor-San said said that for every 5 followers I gain or 15 likes I get a dollar to add to my Lolita dress fund! I’ve always wanted to be semi-lolita (aka part time lolita; only dresses in lolita every now and then) and if any of you are familiar with lolita, some of the dresses are pretty pricey. I’m still not exactly sure on which dress I want for my first one, but I want a cute one that isn’t expensive. Editor-San is going to help me pay for the dress, but she says that I have to at least earn the funds she gives me. That’s why I need your help! Please like and follow to help me earn my lolita dress fund! 

     I want not only your help to help me make Editor-San pay for my dress, but to help me choose my dress! I’ll be posting some posts on some dresses I want every now and then. Once I have enough funds to get one, I’d like to know which one you prefer! 

     Thank you all again for your suppor! I really appreciate it!

                                -Neko Natsumi


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